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We Lead Project Flow

Our "firehouse" consultants embody efficient execution and cut project timelines in half for companies growing to $25M

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The Builders

The Firehouse

Hydrant is known for jumping in to action -- whether putting out a startup wildfire or squashing a bug in your code; now is the time to act.

Jed Butler is awesome
Jed Butler


Amina Huda

Director of Project Management

Sean Ivins

Project Associate (Emphasis: Digital)

TJ Ghinder

Software Architect

Meera Andersen

Product Designer

Ihor Tarasov

Engineering Lead

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Yaroslav Bodarenko

Frontend Engineer

Image by Dzmitry Dudov
Mikhail Schuka

Backend Engineer


Hydrant has a variety of powerful tools and allies to help build teams and scale businesses. 

Project Management

Our Project Management "special sauce" is at the center of every engagement.


This ensures that every facet of the work is focused around execution and the constant delivery of value.

Hydrant is also an official partner of ClickUp, meaning our team has the highest level of expertise with Project Management Software.

Check out our "What's Keeping You Up at Night" Tip Sheet.

Revenue (Partner)

Our preferred partner can support with sales funnel design, enterprise-grade marketing collateral and tools, marketing strategy and campaign management, and more.

This is our partner's website. Note that when we are both on a project, our efforts are magnified 2x.

Link to Come
PM Focus: Marketing

Our agile marketing practice for agencies or in-house teams can drive velocity such that key metrics  and goals can be reached much sooner than expected.

We bring best practices from past projects in influencer marketing, partnership design, and branding.

We also carry in-house ability to compile prototypes of typical marketing collateral.

Check out this sample 1-pager.

Marketing Data Science (Partner)

Our preferred partner has the capability of analyzing customer data against a enterprise-grade proprietary data to reveal customer demographics and behaviors, as well as develop lookalike segmentation.


Answers the question of: "Who is my customer?"

This is our partner's website. A discount can be obtained if we provide an introduction.

PM Focus: Software

Our agile leadership practice for software products can transform a good team into an exceptional team.

We also have an in-house software team that can evaluate and build solutions, including custom web and mobile apps.

API integrations, workflow automation, and data scraping are all within our capabilities.

This is a mobile app that we designed and built for a client.

Management Consulting

Our in-house capability can quickly provide insights found through our own research, interviews, and data analysis, at a fraction of the cost compared to blue-chip consulting firms.

Example of a pricing and resourcing tool that was built for an existing client.


The Hydrant Code

The Hydrant team lives by the following: Service, Honesty,  Organization, Wellness, Experimentation, and Reliability (or S.H.O.W.E.R.).

Our company's commitment to growth requires ongoing dedication and investment.


Our experience shows that organization magnifies the power of creativity.


If we cannot be honest, it's impossible to address the real challenges facing an organization.


We strive for physical fitness, mental awareness, and emotional strength.


We show up and do what we say we'll do, and hold ourselves and others accountable.


Experiments are the fuel that bring essential insights that accelerate growth.


Our goal is to serve our clients and partners with the highest level of service possible.


Crisis Averted

You can trust Hydrant to start your project from scratch or pick up the pieces.

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