Our Project Managers put out the fires so your team can execute with ease.

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We bring you the tools, talent, and capacity to turn your team into the hotshots you know they can be.

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Fortune 500 Results @ Startup Friendly Rates


We’ve managed projects for startups, governments, and Fortune 500 companies.
We get results at any scale:


In reduced lead time for delivery of new features


Increase in productivity


Increase in reported customer satisfaction


Interviews conducted to establish overall goals


Department consensus achieved


Markets launched on time and in budget


Increase in total revenue


Growth in partner strategy


Increase in close rates

Project management and peace of mind – for as little as $1,020/wk.

as little as $1,020/wk.

When you and your team are working at full speed to build your business, adding project management to your in-house workload comes at a cost.  

Our professional project managers allow you to focus on what you do best. And we give you the confidence that comes with knowing the project is being executed under expert supervision, staying within your budget, on your timeline, and saving the costs of fixing future problems.

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Startup Project Manager

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2-4 months

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Critical or High-ROI projects that tend to be shorter in length.

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Most Popular

Project Manager Plus

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3-6 months

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Medium to large-sized projects with 5-10 stakeholders and senior leadership involvement.

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Executive Project Leader

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Fractional COO Services for crucial and complex projects.

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Industry-specific experience.

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Pricing and Statement of Work available following a consultation.

What’s included

You don’t put out a house fire with a garden hose.

don't put out

When we show up, we bring the right tools for the job


Project Managers who flow with your team



Rescue existing software efforts or build from scratch.

We use Agile management to help your team efficiently manage the entire product lifecycle.

And when needed, our in-house developers can design, build, and deploy a full suite of software solutions, including custom web and mobile apps, APIs, or proprietary tools that give you a competitive edge over your competition or connect with your customers.


Identify performance goals and monitor progress.

We bring structure to the creative to keep marketing efforts on target and get results in less time.

Our in-house team can prototype marketing collateral quickly guided by data tools that identify behaviors and demographics you need to be targeting. We also have experience managing the intricacies of influencer relationships, partnerships, and branding.


Gain efficiency, confidence, and a constant delivery of value.

Our operations expertise was built on some of the world's most complex and critical projects.

Many clients find us when they need to put out fires. We can come in mid-project, get up to speed quickly, and identify the most vital corrections that need to be made. But we’re most valuable when we help you design the project from the ground up.

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Stanford Certified Project Manager

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Hi. I’m Jed.

I'm, Jed.

I live, eat, sleep, and breathe project management, and I’m the founder of Hydrant.

My team has expertise in all the tools needed to keep projects on track. If that involves software, we have developers and designers that can build it. If it involves thoughtful analysis and research, our data scientists have it covered. And since every project involves managing people, we’re experts there as well.

When you’re ready to share your project challenges with me, I’m excited to show you how we can solve them.

I’ve assembled a team of project firefighters after more than 15 years of project management in tech, marketing, and operations fields.

I’ve managed highly complex projects for Boeing, projects that directly affect the daily lives of 10 million New Yorkers for the NYC Mayor’s office, and now worked with dozens of startups and other businesses, quickly becoming one of the top performing, expert-vetted agencies on the Upwork platform.

We’re a remote team with offices in SLC and NYC.

TJ Ghinder photo

TJ Ghinder

Software Architect

Melanie Young photo

Melanie Young

Finance manager

Jed Butler photo

Jed Butler



Meet our team,

our story

meet with us

We’re a remote team with offices in SLC and NYC.

Sean Ivins photo

Sean Ivins

Project Associate

Amina Huda photo

Amina Huda

Director of Project Management

Ihor Tarasov photo

Ihor Tarasov

Engineering Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which project management software do your part-time and fractional PMs use?

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All of them. We’re an official partner of ClickUp because we find it incredibly valuable. But as much as possible, we stick to the tools your team is already familiar with like Slack, Gsuite, GitHub, Zapier, Shopify, Hubspot, Wix, Figma, and Webflow.

How does a Hydrant Project Manager compare to an in-house project manager or full-time remote project manager?

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Our remote, fractional project manager model allows you to get a highly skilled Project Manager without the six-figure salary. Because of our tools and skills, we regularly accomplish more in a few weeks than others have in many months. 

How long is the onboarding process for a part-time project manager?

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We’re specialists in this arena. Our time from initial consult to contract can be as few as 5 days, and for most projects, we’re completely up to speed within two weeks for most projects. As you probably know, fully training a typical new hire can take months.

What skills and experience will my Project Manager have?

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Although we’re remote, we’re a tight-knit team. All of our project managers must pass our internal interview process, which involves the practical application of skills and knowledge. The majority of our project managers have trade certifications, including PMP (PMI Institute) and SAPM (Stanford University). We also developed an in-house project management training course, where we provide skills training for our own team, as well as for clients.

Why would I hire a Project Management Agency, rather than hiring a project manager directly?

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Project managers have much greater success when they have the right tools, training, and relationship with their projects. Project management is a leadership-centric skill so it’s important for a project manager to have an infrastructure of support from other project managers who “get it,” enabling them to troubleshoot thorny issues and provide a higher level of service to clients. 

Internal project managers typically don’t have those kinds of resources. Unless you have other project management leaders on your team who understand the “project manager’s dilemma” your direct hire will not be fully equipped for success. Non-project manager leaders tend not to have awareness of the KPIs, milestones, or best practices that support project managers to be successful.

What are the typical contract lengths?

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We can customize your contract to meet your needs, and needs vary and change over time. Our simplest projects are completed in as few as 3 months, and we have large projects that are scheduled out over more than a year. For new clients, our minimum contract length is 90 days.



The speed at which they refactored 90% of the code and then pushed quality new features, and somehow at the same price point, it just blew us away.

Healthcare Tech

Director of Product

Jed displayed remarkable responsiveness and efficiently delivered the project within a tight timeframe. Additionally, he provided valuable suggestions for enhancing project efficiency and even offered to conduct a consultation. I am certainly looking forward to working with him again

Fortune 500 Company

VP of Marketing

Jed was a fantastic business consultant who helped me organize my products and services as well as challenge me to take action and drive results to get my business up and running.Highly recommended!

Marketing Agency


Hydrant drove incredible execution for our team to get a huge event planned

Global Human Resources Business

VP of Sales

Jed was a fantastic find and supported our business growth through navigating many time zones, stakeholders and bringing it all together and ensuring the timelines were achieved and all parties well informed throughout.I feel the teams have learned and actively communicate better as a result

Global Management Consulting Firm

PMO Director

We had to fire our developer, and when Hydrant took over it was like night and day

Medical Technology Firm

Director of Product

We're using our PMS at least 3x better than before

Healthcare Tech


Hydrant made an immediate impact in organizing our international go to market ambitions

Enterprise HR Services Organization

Director of Marketing

Incredible execution for our team

Fortune 500 Company

VP of Product

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You want to know how helpful we can be. The best way to be sure – share your project goals, roadmap, and roadblocks with us – and let us show you.

If you don’t have a plan yet or don’t know where on the road you currently are, we can help you there too. We create plans from initial concepts, put out blazing fires on enterprise projects, and everything in between.

Project Tools


If you’re only in the info-gathering phase or still determining whether or not you need outside help, we’re happy to share some of our tools.  

We offer a few templates and scorecards to help you assess the health of your current projects and estimate the cost of your next projects. Just let us know what you need and we’ll share it.

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